Our story begins in the August of 2002, when James and I arrived in Blacksburg, VA to begin our collegiate careers. Little did we know that our first week of college would change our lives forever.  We both lived in the same residence hall, and we met our first week of college during band camp.  Despite the fact that I was dating someone else, I told my roommate when I met James that I thought I met the man I was going to marry.  It’s weird how sometimes you just know.  I definitely didn’t go to college looking for a husband, but God had other plans!  James and I became great friends during our first few weeks of college, and we started “dating” at the very end of our first semester.  Our feelings for each other became official at a football game, where else?!  We had made the trek to Miami in December of 2002 to watch the Hokies play in the old Orange Bowl (which no longer exists).  I guess you can say that our relationship started with a love for traveling and football, and we’ve been going nonstop ever since!   We dated all through college, and then senior year, James proposed to me over winter break.  Unfortunately, I don’t seem to remember the proposal, but I do remember wearing a diamond ring afterwards, so I must have said yes. 😀 James can tell you the story of the proposal, including how the jewelry store left a message with his parents telling them the ring was ready.  This meant that everyone but me knew the proposal was coming! We married in Virginia Beach right after graduating from Virginia Tech, and then immediately moved to Texas.  Grad school wasn’t quite what we had expected, so we decided to move back to Blacksburg, and James joined the Navy.  Our journey has since taken us all over the world, and we are excited to see where life takes us from here.  (To check out our last five years…visit www.texashokies.blogspot.com, our original blog.)