Welcome to Opie’s Hokies

This section of the website will be my observations on Hokie sports in general, but mainly football. Angela and I are avid football fans, attending games in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California.  Growing up I followed the dominant Nebraska teams of the 1990s while Beamer built his program in Blacksburg.  After attending nearly every game , we have been moving around the country and have resorted to watching games online, through the radio, and finding alumni gatherings at random bars.  This season is incredibly exciting, though I missed both the Alabama and Marshall games when I was underway.  After pulling into San Diego, Angela and I hopped on a plane to get to Lane Stadium in time to witness the Miracle in Blacksburg where Tyrod pulled a struggling offense to beat Nebraska in the last minute.  It was quite an experience, after walking out of stadiums all over after tough losses, to finally witness in person such an amazing, clutch victory.  I will blog later on overall observations on the season, but so far the schedule has been nothing short of amazing, thank you Jim Weaver, and we are sitting pretty at number 5 in the country.