Today is always a difficult day.  April 16th.  It’s difficult to believe it’s been five years already.  Five years, and yet it still seems like yesterday.  It’s still difficult to talk about, difficult to write about. Difficult to even think about.  Being so far away from Blacksburg is perhaps the most difficult thing on this day.  I want to be there, to be with Hokies, and to be with people who truly understand what it is like to live day in and day out with this tremendous heart ache.  A heart ache that is coupled by love and joy and hope and a commitment to service and a passion for our university.  The dichotomy is something only a Hokie can understand.

Five years ago today, our lives changed forever.  We will never forget the amazing people we lost on April 16th, 2007.  We will never forget Stack’s infectious smile and lively attitude.  We will never forget the outpouring of love and support we received from all over the world.  We will never ever forget those 32 Hokies who left us too early.  May we continue to live for those 32 every day.  So proud to be a Hokie.  Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.  Live for 32.  UT PROSIM.