This adorable little squash is what the Japanese call pumpkins.  I was a little devastated this fall when all of the pumpkin flavors tasted like squash, and not the yummy pumpkin spice flavor that means fall to me in the states.  But, I have since acquired a taste for squash treats.

I have seen frozen fruits filled with ice-cream and sorbet in other restaurants in Japan, but I had never seen a pumpkin before.  I was SO excited about the pumpkin I almost didn’t order anything else to eat.  A frozen pumpkin filled with pumpkin ice-cream? Impossible to resist! This was by far the highlight of my trip, and I have a hard time remembering anything else we did in comparison to the pumpkin (which included a trip to a gold mine, a boat ride through ocean caverns, and a monkey park). Clearly nothing comparable to a frozen baby pumpkin filled with pumpkin ice-cream.