I am AMAZED that I haven’t written a blog about using the bathroom in Japan.  Where do I begin?  There is so much to share about Japanese bathrooms.  Heated toilet seats?  Yes, I’ll begin with heated toilet seats.  The definition of heated toilet seats should be AWESOME!  There is nothing quite like a heated toilet seat during the winter.  We have TWO heated toilet seats in our home, and they are fabulous.  The toilet seats alone were worth the move off base.  Although, we have them unplugged at the moment to save energy.  After the earthquake, the Economist published an article about how Japan could save energy, writing that 4% of house-hold energy use is from toilets! Four percent?!?  That was enough to encourage us to unplug our toilets.  You can read the article here: Economist Article

Of course, there is more than just the heated toilet seat.  Japanese toilets provide a great deal of luxuries, including bidets, sprays, and air dryers (all things you can experience in the comfort of our home when you come to visit!).  I don’t even want to think about how much toilets in Japan must cost.  In public restrooms, you can press a button to create a flushing noise or music if you want more privacy, though our home toilet does not give you that option.

And then there is the traditional Japanese toilet.  Imagine a hole in the ground.  That’s basically it, but with a nice porcelain exterior.  I don’t really like to use them, but occasionally, it’s all that is available.  Most bathrooms have both, as many people feel it is more sanitary to use the traditional toilets.  In most restrooms, there will be a small sign on the outside of the door telling you what type of toilet it is.  Or, if you are at a classy rest area, there will be an electronic sign telling you which toilet is available, and what kind of toilet it is.  Classy Bathroom Sign  In small towns, sometimes the only western style toilet is the handicapped one, but I will wait for it anyways.

The other thing I love about Japanese bathrooms are the signs explaining how to use the toilets.  Please enjoy these three signs.

If you are looking for a reason to come and visit us in Japan, look no further!  You need to come and experience the Japanese bathrooms.