In the US, infomercials would often advertise for the “hangover” cure.  We had been taught that there was no magic hangover cure but time, and that has proved true until we moved to Japan.  Not sure if this wonder product would pass the FDA, but there have been many nights where these “ginger shots” have been essential.  Introduced to us by another American friend, we bought them at the local 24/7 convenience store on our walk home from a night of good drinking.  Having nothing to lose we tried them, a 3 ounce “shot” that resembles 5 hour energy bottles.

Tasting like a sweet version of the red bull energy drink, they went down easily then we went to sleep.  In the morning we had no headache or stomach irritability, when we should have.  They are odd as we were functional but still had the fatigue of a hangover, so you are tired but without debilitating headaches or stomach upsetness.  Amazing! We now buy these discounted at the local grocery store, to have “just in case.” Upon asking our Japanese friends what they are, they simply reply for heavy drinking and they don’t know what is in them either.  There is a ginger root on the bottle, so safe to assume ginger is in them somehow… and they are sold either in the vitamin supplement section or right next to the alcohol (a subtle hint for what they are intended for?) In any case they work, and will be greatly missed when we leave Japan.  We will have to store up an emergency cache to mail to ourselves wherever we move to next! Another genius invention in Japan, come visit!