Japanese homes don’t come insulated, so whatever the outside weather is, it affects the inside to a greater degree than in America.  There is also no central air, each individual room has their own remote controlled heat/air conditioner unit.  While very efficient as you only use energy to cool/heat the room you are actually using, it has caused some lifestyle changes.  In the winter I would wake up from a warm bed and shiver as I ran downstairs to shave.  Now it is summer.  In the Kanto plain we experience “super” humidity as the winds shift to bring in moisture from the ocean, becoming trapped here against the mountains ringing the flat lands.  With the air so moist, and having no insulation, our house is nearly as sticky inside as it is out.  We have been using the A/C sparingly, trying to save power as the region has lost significant electrical capacity due to the Fukishima Nuclear plant being offline, but still use it in at least one room at all times to keep AJ cool.  This has resulted in the copious use of damp rid products and whatever the Japanese equivalent is.  Our home has been invaded by damp rid in every room, stair well, and closet.

We know they are working as they started collecting water immediately.  The damp rid we bought on base (in English) said they work for 60 days, but after two weeks the bags are nearly full.  We also have tried Japanese products, and those are working very well, though we aren’t sure we employed them correctly.  Cannot wait for dry air again in Fall, but until then we are fighting natures desire to turn us into mushrooms!