Being obsessed with Japanese Kit Kats becomes even better when the Kit Kats are supporting a good cause!  In the aftermath of the March earthquake and tsunami, Nestle released the Tohoku regional Kit Kat nationwide in an effort to raise money for disaster relief.  For every Kit Kat sold, Nestle will donate 10 yen to the relief effort.  It is very unusual for a regional Kit Kat to be released Nationwide, and though I had already found this Kit Kat on a trip to northern Japan, I bought a few to support the effort.

This bright green Kit Kat is an edamame (soy bean) paste in what I believe is a mochi ball.  I think this is edamame paste mochi, though I have never had Zunda before, so I am not positive.  I love the bright green color of the chocolate, and I really enjoyed the taste as well.  But most importantly, I enjoyed knowing that my Kit Kat obsession is going to a great cause.  Please remember that while the devastation may not be in the news still, the people of Japan are in great need of help.  It takes a very long time to recover from such traumatic events, and I encourage all of you to continue donating to the relief effort.