Okay, so maybe it seems like I’m a little bit obsessed with Japanese snacks, especially ones that come in lots of varieties and flavors.  That’s probably because I am.  In fact, I’m beyond obsessed!! You would have thought that after a year of living in this country I would have gotten sick of the novelty, but in fact, the novelty has only grown.  I become more and more excited when I find a new variety of something. I think I have a problem.

So….chocolate mushrooms.  I did an original post of the chocolate mushrooms when we first moved here.  I was beyond excited!

But since then, I have found many varieties of chocolate mushrooms to share with you!

  • Strawberry Mushrooms
  • Cappuccino Mushrooms
  • Green Tea Mushrooms
  • Apple Mushrooms
  • Orange Mushrooms
  • I have no idea what this is….maybe green tea flavored something and sweet beans?? Mushrooms

I’m sure there will be many more mushrooms to share in the future.  Stay tuned and enjoy my Japanese snack problem.