I’ve really come to love Ramen since living in Japan.  And not instant ramen, but awesome, homemade, served in a huge ceramic bowl ramen.  I prefer miso based broth, but James often gets a soy based, spicy broth.  The ramen at Japanese noodle shops is very filling, with thick broth, heavy noodles, vegetables, meat, and sometimes eggs.

I crave ramen on cold, rainy days, and with it being the rainy season, I’m craving it quite often.  We have a ramen shop down the road that I enjoy, but my new favorite is about 20 or 30 minutes away.  We probably pass at least 20 ramen shops to get there (and this is a low estimate, trust me) but this ramen is well worth the travel.  Upon entering the ramen shop, you are greeted with a deep bow, and met with an electronic ordering machine.  You insert your money, choose your dinner, and out comes a ticket with your order, which you then give to the wait staff.  I love the ambiance of this particular shop, and I love the food even more.