After a very crazy two months, James and I are both back in Japan.  It is difficult to put into words our experiences over the last few weeks, and I have struggled to write anything worthwhile.  I’m sure many of you are waiting for an Earthquake blog, and it will come in the near future.  Know that it has been extremely difficult to write and it will never say or be what I want it to say or be.  But, nonetheless, I feel like we should share a bit of our experiences with you, so be on the lookout for that post.  After the earthquake, James stayed in Japan and I returned to the United States for a few weeks.  It was great seeing friends and family, driving with ease, and shopping at all of my favorite stores, but I was definitely ready to come back to this beautiful country.

Over the past year, I have fallen in love with Japan, with its beauty, its people, its culture.  When I was in the states, a friend asked “what don’t you love about Japan?!”  Believe me, there are things that frustrate me and there are days when I want nothing but to be back in the states, but overall, I love Japan, and I love that we have such an awesome opportunity to live here!  I am very excited to be back and am looking forward to sharing this wonderful country with you through our blog.