Always on the search for unique places, we got a tip on an incredible bar in downtown Tokyo through our blog.  A random blog comment from the fine folks at Rogue Ales in Oregon informed us about a bar with at least 40 beers on tap in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.  We looked up the place and realized we were near it while visiting Akihabara on a rainy day with our visiting friend Jonathan (another beer enthusiast).  The cozy little bar was exactly what was needed on the wet day, and it was better than we could have imagined.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had expanded to 70 beers on tap, ranging from craft American and European brews to the best locals could offer.  Also, unlike the vast majority of bars in Japan, this one was light on the wallet.  Their happy hour specials included free appetizers with the purchase of a beer… we were sold!  It was fall when we visited and enjoyed some delicious Pumking Ale that was well kegged and had an awesome pumpkin aroma.  The rest of the beers were quality, but what impressed us the most were the friendly staff.  The bar, while larger by Japanese standards, was still rather crowded and 70 taps in the US would take at least a wall.  Here they were stacked behind a half bar, which the staff gladly jumped in several pictures with us.  By the time we left I had joined their gold club membership and had convinced a waiter to call and get us tickets to a sold out craft brew fest.  All in all a very pleasurable experience that the average traveler would never find while visiting Tokyo without some help!