Matcha Green Tea: Tastes just like Japanese Matcha, which I would describe as a bitter green tea latte.  The Kit Kat is sweet, of course, but it has a very full flavor of green tea.  I really like this one!  This is a regional Kit Kat from Kyoto.

Candied Sweet Potato:  This Kit Kat is inspired by the Japanese dessert Daigakuimo, which is a candied sweet potato with sesame seeds. I like the actual Daigakuimo and the Kit Kats! These one’s taste much more like sweet potato than the regular sweet potato Kit Kat.

Wasabi Kit Kat: This sounds awful, but is actually one of my favorites so far. While it’s very sweet, there is a nice spicy aftertaste of Wasabi.  You have to get through the sweetness to enjoy the aftertaste.  This is a regional flavor that is available in Shizuoka & the Kanto area.

Cheese Kit Kat: European Cheese Kit Kat, to be exact.  I hated this one.  It smelled bad when you opened it, and it tasted gross.  It reminded me of spray can cheese, which I’ve never liked.

Kutsurogi Cacoa: PURE AWESOMENESS!  This Kit Kat tasted just like the center of Lindt milk chocolate truffles.  I was a huge fan. If you enjoy smooth chocolate then this Kit Kat is for you.