A few weeks ago, we discovered an amazing restaurant a few blocks from our home.  And since the discovery, we have been frequent visitors (to say the least). It’s a yakiniku (which literally translates as “grilled meat”) BBQ place, where you can grill your own meat at the table. We’ve been to a few of these types of restaurants in Japan, but this is by far our favorite.  And the best part about it….it’s very close!  It’s a local favorite, and there are not  many Americans who visit, which makes me like it even more.  There are no English menus, so we just told the waitress to bring us whatever they thought was good, with the exception of tongue, which I’m not strong enough to try yet.  My favorite is galbi (which I pronounce kalbi), and is thin strips of beef.  The meat is already flavored, and it’s a great experience all around.  James sums up the restaurant experience with “meat and beer.”  No more words are needed.  Come and visit so we can take you here to eat!