House #5!

James and I chose house #5 due to its location.  The house is only a 3 minute drive from the front gate, which means James can easily ride his bike to work.  The convenience is perfect for us!  The home is beautiful, and was built in the last few years.  There are beautiful hard wood floors throughout, with the exception of the tatami room.  The house has three bedrooms upstairs, which means we can have an official guest room for all of our visitors!! (*HINT*HINT*)  As if you didn’t need another reason to come and visit us, you have to come and see the pink toilet upstairs!  Pink toilet…hello!! The master bedroom has a huge walk-in closet, and there is ample storage space throughout the house.  Not only does the home have a beautiful balcony, but there is a small backyard for AJ, complete with a Japanese maple tree and a cherry tree.  We should get beautiful fall colors and spring blooms to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  We are spending our Christmas moving into the new house, and I will definitely post pictures when we are all settled in.