James received the best birthday present ever this year….a visit from a great friend!  We celebrated James’ birthday by driving to Narita airport to pick up Jonathan, a friend of ours from college, who would be visiting for two weeks.  Driving to the airport was very exciting, and we thankfully didn’t hit any traffic.  We did lose our toll ticket (first time ever in our lives), and I tried to explain in English and gestures that it was gone.  (Which is actually much more difficult than it sounds…) We backed up the toll gate a little bit, but no worries, as there is a big Y on our license plate, alerting everyone that we are American and don’t know what we are doing.  Eventually, the toll booth person understood, took down our information, and charged us the regular toll amount.  (Thankfully!)  It’s moments like those when I am mad at myself for knowing as little Japanese as I do.  (We found the ticket when we got to the airport. We are AWESOME!) On our way home, we stopped at Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food restaurant that is amazing, for Jonathan’s first meal in Japan.  Meat and rice bowls = fabulous!  It was the perfect start to a great two weeks.