Since my first Kit Kat post, we have found many new flavors of Kit Kat’s to share with you.

Almond Tofu: We found this Kit Kat in a little shop in Chinatown, Yokohama.  Annin Tofu is an awesome almond jelly tofu pudding that is served at many places for dessert.  This is the Annin Tofu Kit Kat.  It tasted just like the dessert, a very sweet almond taste.

Sweet Potato: We found this Kit Kat in the train station at Odawara.  The Kit Kat is very sweet, and has a sweet potato aftertaste.  I would have preferred more of a sweet potato taste, but it was still very good.

Marron: Marron is another name for chestnut, and is put in everything here in the fall.  We have been buying many marron products these last few weeks.  This kit kat was very nutty in taste, and used a dark chocolate.  It left a strange aftertaste, but not a bad one.  We found this one at a grocery store in Odawara.