On Monday, I went on a trip with the ladies to Shimada for the triennial (every three years) Obi festival.  On the way to the festival, we stopped at a rest area, and discovered the most amazing thing.  An electronic stall vacancy sign!!  This sign was right when you walked into the restroom, and it tells you which toilet is in use, and which one is vacant.  (Green – Vacant; Black – In Use) It also tells you which stall has a western vs. a Japanese toilet, which is very useful!  I don’t know how many times I’ve wandered through a bathroom here trying to figure out which stall had the western toilet.  Squatting isn’t really my style, so I only use Japanese toilets if there is nothing else available.  I’m sure everyone in the restroom was laughing at us for taking pictures, but I had to get a shot of this!