Before moving to Japan, I had no idea there were so many different types of Kit Kat’s.  The only one I knew of was the original chocolate wafers I craved after every “Give Me a Break” commercial.  I admit it…..advertising works on me!

Since moving to Japan, we have discovered that there are a TON of Kit Kat flavors.  I was taking a class about grocery shopping in Japan when my adorable Japanese grocery shopping teacher took me down the candy aisle and told me about the different Kit Kat’s in Japan.  I was hooked!  I bought a bag of Crème brûlée or Flan Kit Kat’s on the spot.  They were sweet and awesome!  Since this first purchase, we have been hitting up every 7-11, AM/PM, and Lawson’s we can find looking for more.

So far, we have been able to find a few, but there are many more we are still looking for.

Crème Brulee: Very sweet, and very awesome!

Strawberry/Banana: Good, but very sweet. Almost too sweet.

Coke/Sprite: I think this tasted horrible.  Especially the coke part!  The sprite part was better.

Aloe Yogurt: Tasted like sunscreen….ick!

Salty Caramel: Soooooooo good!  Tasted exactly like it sounds.

Bitter Almond: Dark chocolate with almond slivers.  This is my favorite so far!

Semi-sweet: Dark chocolate.  Tasted a lot like the original.  Very good!

Let the Kit Kat search continue!  I will update you when we find more flavors!