Moving from a gorgeous apartment with granite counter tops, hard wood floors, and vaulted ceilings in San Diego to a 1960’s apartment with industrial tile, brown walls, and a brown tiled bathroom left me in a bit of a funk.  How were we going to turn our military housing unit into a livable, modern home that was fresh and fun?  After countless hours of Google searching, I found our answer: WALLS NEED LOVE!! Yes!! Our walls DO need love!!  Most of our rooms are coming together nicely, but the bathroom had a lot to be desired.  Our brown tiles from floor to ceiling made it impossible to hang any kind of decorations, so vinyl wall art seemed perfect.  With Walls Need Love, you can pick out all of your colors, and we went with a black and red Japanese cherry blossom tree (perfect….I know!) to match our shower curtain (which is 6 inches too short here).  I was stoked when the art came in, and James and I spent last night hanging it up.  The tree branches were a bit difficult, as the branches are very skinny, but overall, the process was extremely easy.  I think the tree looks fabulous, and it has completely transformed our bathroom.  We also purchased flying red and black birds, but we haven’t decided how to use them yet.  For those of you looking for something to spiff up your room, check this company out.  It’s definitely helping our place feel more like home. comes with the following warning…. (It’s too late for me!!)

“WARNING!! Wall Decals are addictive and may induce uncharted levels of fun & creativity. DO NOT use if you are: spontaneous, creative, fun, unique, stylish, trendy, fashion forward, progressive, or just simply love to decorate. You just might be prone to a seriously fun decals addiction. 🙂 ”