We’ve been in Japan for an entire month already, and we are loving it!  There is so much to see and do and try that every day has been exciting.  Even with exciting travels and adventures, I’ve realized that it’s the little things I love the most.  One of my favorite things here are the vending machines.  They are on every block, and have the best coffee drinks I have ever had from a can.  Since James and I are both addicted to coffee, this has been fabulous.  And there are so many different kinds of canned coffee here.  I have tried over ten, and my favorite coffee so far is the Georgia Cafe Au Lait.  So good! You can get it cold or warm, and you just have to make sure you press the right colored light.  Red for warm and blue for cold.  I am still fascinated that you can get a can out of the vending machine warm.  Coffee, tea, sake….you can get them all warm! I also love that the American Coffee brand has an american flag, a muscle car, and a blonde lady sitting on the hood of the car.  I laugh every time I see it.  Silly americans and their ladies and cars! 🙂 And how could I forget the banana milk!  I really really love the banana milk.  It seemed strange at first, but I had to try it, and it is by far my favorite thing that comes out of a vending machine.  I mean, this stuff is so good that I crave it now!  Much better than dessert….all you need is banana milk!  Another little thing I love is how the Japanese put little smiley faces and cartoon characters on things.  It’s all so cute you just have to smile.  In fact, I bought an orange juice (from a vending machine) the other day just because it had a cute smiley face on it and it made me happy.  See….it’s all about the little things!