On Friday, we picked up the keys to our new apartment! It is a spacious two bedroom, one bath garden apartment (actually bigger than our apartment in San Diego!) and it has a big living room, small dining room, and decent sized kitchen.  (Plus a washer and dryer and dish washer!) It also has an amazing patio, with a tiny yard (full of bugs and rodents).  I am excited though, as this is our first yard, and it is the perfect size for us.  When we checked in, our backyard was completely full of weeds, grubs, and a mole.  We spent the weekend pulling weeds, putting down grub killer (which will hopefully encourage the mole to leave), cutting what was left of our yard, and putting down fertilizer so we can start growing grass.  Our backyard faces the child development center, and a playground, so AJ should have plenty to bark at when he finally gets here.

Our furniture will not arrive for another 4-6 weeks, so the Navy has graciously given us a loaner couch and bed.  Thankfully our express shipment arrived, so we have some pots and pans, sheets, towels, a mini tv, and our wii (the necessities!) Unfortunately, you can’t move batteries or candles, so our express shipment was lacking a flashlight, batteries, and candles, which was awesome when the power went out for 6 hours on Friday night!  It was our first night in the apartment, and it was pitch black.  We were trying to get ready for bed using the light from my macbook screen, and using our iphones as flashlights.  (Yay Apple products!) Luckily there isn’t much to bump into since our stuff isn’t here.  Our keys are interesting.  When we picked them up, I was a little surprised to not see the traditional “key” that we think of in the US.  These keys are magnetic and look like big dog-tags.  Thankfully the lady demonstrated how to use them for us, and even after the demonstration, it still took us almost five minutes to open our door.  The lady told us to be careful around our cell phones, because they will demagnetize just like hotel keys, and we will need to call security to get into our house.  Hope that doesn’t happen too often!  We live on Liberty Lane, along with most of James command.  It’s a small base, and reminds me of being an RA, since we now live where we work.  I will post pictures soon!