Yes…this post is from two months ago.  But, it was written two months ago, and it was quite the adventure, so enjoy!

As we drove through New Mexico, we waved to a distant mountain range at our baby sister who was spending her spring break hiking and repairing a trail in northern New Mexico.  We stayed at a familiar Holiday Inn Express in Santa Rosa (our Hotel of choice when traveling with AJ) and awoke the next day with hopes of making it to a Holiday Inn Express in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  After leaving Santa Rosa (and my worst morning cup of coffee on the trip), I realized we hadn’t seen a Starbucks since Phoenix. It was an odd phenomenon, since they were on every block in San Diego (there were literally four within a mile of our apartment!). I desperately wanted a hazelnut latte and truck stop coffee was barely getting me through.  My cravings for frothed milk and strong espresso and that cute little white cup couldn’t wait much longer.  So we began day two with our tummies on the mind and voiced two goals of the day: drink some awesome coffee and eat amazing Blue Bell ice-cream.  Honestly, why would you drive through Texas without stopping to get the best ice-cream in America?  We drove through Texas without finding any Blue Bell, and left frustrated after spending 30 minutes looking for a Chick-fil-a that never materialized.

We passed a Starbucks along the interstate near Oklahoma City, but we missed the exit and figured there would be another one.  The next Starbucks never came, and to make matters worse, the Hokies lost miserably in the ACC tournament to Miami.  (Which we listened to thanks to the ACC channel on XM radio, the best investment we’ve ever made for a trip across the country!) And that sums up day two (kind of three) of driving.  We drove 610 miles, didn’t do anything exciting, but we did make it to Arkansas.  Thankfully James found Blue Bell at the local grocery store near our hotel, so our trip through Blue Bell country wasn’t wasted.  AJ chased his orange ball up and down our room and then curled up at our feet.  We were more than halfway to Virginia.