Day Four was a pleasant Sunday drive on familiar roads, up I-40 to I-81.  Southwest Virginia is always a welcoming drive, and even at the end of winter, when the leaves are gone, and the buds are yet to pop on the trees, it is still a very peaceful and calming place.   The drive was virtually on autopilot, since we have driven these roads countless times.  Angela and I tried to figure out how many times we had driven this stretch of road, but it was too many times to remember.  We reminisced about the many trips back and forth, and wore ourselves out thinking about how much we have done these last few years.  We sadly drove past the Blacksburg exit, since we were so crunched on time.  It’s not very often we have skipped our favorite place in the world, but we were exhausted, and I had to be at class the next morning.  While we had run into some traffic in Tennessee, real traffic began an hour from our destination in Newport News!  The 757 welcomed us with traffic and rain, and I began to question why we had ever left Southern California.  I had chosen to drive across the country on I-40 for several reasons, but mainly to avoid population centers and traffic.  And we had almost made it across the entire country without traffic!!  You can almost fly across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma with little to no other cars on the road.  It is perhaps the best stretch of road in the country.  I hate traffic…and will go to great lengths to avoid it.  But there is no other option other than 1-64, and we had to sit and wait the traffic out.  A few hours later, we finally made it!  3,000 miles and four and a half days later, AJ couldn’t be happier to get out of the car.